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Other Relatives

Eiri Greme J'Tissaia - halfsister (Eiri Greme Nash x Eiri Ban)

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Eiri Greme Sasja - sestra otce z opakovaného vrhu (Cheviot Dos x Eiri Greme Ollie)

Eiri Greme Moss grand-grandfather

father of many Agility and other dogs like:

* dogs from kennel My Queen, Why Not Hash (, Why Not Zet and their offspring

* and many others - see link: list of offsprings:

Bratrem Mosse je Eiri Greme Ray, který je otcem mnoha agility psů, jako je např. Explossive Essay Terezy Králové nebo Jack Lisy Frick.

Kemi Mirk grand-grandfather

Continental Champion 2001, International Supreme Champion 2008, World Trial Finalist 2008, 6th in World Trail 2011

Father of grandfather of many hearding and sport dogs.

Cheviot Dos grandfather

hearding dog

Cheviot Dos is bred by Anthony Iley and is a son of Anthonys Chester ISDS 250940 (2007 Eng.Nat. 5 place, son of Paul Tunbulls Don ISDS 212786). He’s sired 21 litters (118 puppies), all healthy with lovely temperament and a great work ethic. Most of his offspring work livestock or compete in Obedience and Agility. Dos himself is beautifully put together – compact and strong build, nice long neck and fantastic shoulder placement which allows him to work low on the ground but yet super fast, with great stamina and quick movements. 
Daniela, his owner describes him as a very sociable dog with people and dogs and very adaptable where ever she takes him. He’s confident and calm around the house and within the pack but very switched on when working, easily motivated by play and super speedy. Up until a horrible accident which ended his career as a sheepdog, he was enthusiastic and pushy with natural flanks and outrun. Always correct but yet very fast and keen. 



Powerful Space vom Ettikogarten:

Peak Performance Of Noble County - obedience dog, účast na MS v obedience za Švýcarsko

FCI World Championship Obedience 2019 in Kladno - Czech Republic:

FCI World Championship Obedience 2017 in Ostend - Belgium:

Very Gentle Jeani Vom Prenton Lane

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