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Border Collie  - puppies  - litter  C  ::  Roya Elkeeava x Mawlch Rusty

Roya Elkeeava (ELI)

father: Rainow Todd (ISDS 295253)

mother: Caoimhe Du Domaine De Jolea

HD A; ED: 0/0; OCD: -/-

DNA tests - all normal: CEA, TNS, NCL, IGS, MDR1, MH

50 cm/15 kg


Mawlch Rusty (SID)

father: Eiri Greme Moss

mother: Amy Bartolovi Dvori

HD: OFA GOOD (= HD A), by MVDr. Ekr 1/1; ED: 0/0; OCD: -/-

DNA tests - all normal: TNS, NCL, MDR1, :: CEA carrier

51 cm/21 kg


Roya (Eli) is gentle female in her character and her build. She is very contact and cooperates very well during a training. She learns very fast and does not need enough corrections. What has she learnt is showing steadily in trainings and competitions. She does not bark at work. She is easily motivated with toy and foot. She works with big enthusiasm. She is friendly to all people. She is not afraid of thunderstorm, shooting not even fireworks. Eli has light and athletic build with very high movement flexibility and very nice jump technique. She is very fast and agile.  This qualities are big plus in agility which is her main hobby with her owner. 

Rusty (Sid) is dog with big drive and with big "will to please". He is able work just only for his owner without any reward, but is also easy motivated by toys and treats. During a play with a toy is very energetic and tough. He is a very contactfull dog, depending on his owner. He is definitely a one man’s dog, doesn’t work with other people. He is also very sweet in daily life, he is very friendly, "cuddly" and is able relex when it is needed. He is not looking for conflict with other dogs. He has been training agility for some months, where he shown his great talent, speed and drive. On agility has nice focus on obstacles but stays focused on his handler. He doesn’t bark or turn around. His owner has changed/replaced agility obstacles for sheep and a hearding stick, so they are hearding sheep on some small farm for some period. Sid has shown his natural abilities and great hearding instinct at sheep. He is easy handled and perfectly obedient. He does large outruns. He works with strong eye and big enthusiasm. He doesn’t need many commands at all. He has a great feeling for sheeps, tempo, distance and the lines. He doesn’t have problem change tempo or show more confidence. 

VIDEO: "bored" puppy, sheep-hearding training, HWT - sheephearding exam, agility, agility 2, different tricks.

Both - Eli and Sid - cooperate very well with their owners, are easy motivated and has deep bond to their owners. They have enough "will to please". Althought their big energy and working enthusiasm they are easy obedient and have great "switch-off. They are not affraid of any noise (shooting, fireworks...). They are very friendly to all people.

We are expecting that puppies from this litter will have great "will to please", big working enthuasism and good hearding instinct. You can find many successful dogs in many different sports (sheep-hearding, agility, obedience) at their relatives and Sid´s offspring. You can see vidoes of their relatives below or on Eli´s side.

The waiting list for puppies is filling. If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, just contact us!




Rusty (Sid) was born in Mawlch kennel. His mother Amy has friendly character with great temperament. His grandfather Mirk at Cambiano from Wales (imported to Italy) is father of many dogs with great hearding instinct. Sid's father is Eiri Greme Moss, who worked with sheeps and catle on swiss farm and is father of many successful dogs. Moss's brother is Eiri Greme Ray, who is father of many great dogs as is f.e. Explossive Essay - the famous world agility legend of Tereza Kralová.

Eli was born in polish kennel Elkeeava. Her mother - Marta Chmiel's Kee is successful trial bitch and her father - Michael Longton's Rainow Todd is running for England in the Internationals many times and lives in UK. Eli is granddaughter of Aled Owen Roy (ISDS 266416) - legendary and successful dog who has titles like World Champion and International Supreme Champion. Eli's other littermates and halflittermates has shown great herding abilites, like f.e. well know Marta Chmiel's Neala - was in Continental finals in 2016 and will be in the Team in 2017; she will also represent Poland in the World Trial this year.

we are expecting:

CEA, MH, IGS - affected 0%, carriers 50%, normal 50%

TNS, NCL, MDR1 - normal 100%

colours: black-white - 25% :: black-white-tan - 25% :: red-white - 25% :: red-white-tan - 25%

cout: short 50% :: rough: 50%

Inbreeding: 2%

Mawlch Rusty and his offspring

Mawlch Rusty is father of some litters - his offspring has nice character and great working abilities. You can find more about his offspring on this facebook site. Here are just some of them: 

:: son Dion Hvězda Els - tricks etc., agility 1,

:: daughter Džus Hvězda Els - dogfrisbee 1,

:: daughter G-Star Quick Angel - agility 1, running contacts, agility - 6 months, agility 04/2017,

:: daughter Flyland Chocolate Chip - obedience,

:: son Flyland Creme Soda - agility 1, agility 2,

:: daughter Flyland Coffee with Milk - tricks etc.,

:: son Flyland Champagne Sensation - 1 year - tricks, agility etc.,

Mawlch Rusty and his relatives

There are many successful and great dogs in his relatives. Here are some of them: 

:: Eiri Greme Craig (Chilli) - uncle - agility video 1 - Wintercup, video 2, EO Sweden 2012, EO 2011

:: Eiri Greme Ray - uncle and fother of many other great dogs: agility video 1, video 2, video 3

:: cousin Explosive Essay with Tereza Králová - EO and BCC 2016, World Agility Championship 2016, Moravia Open 2015,

:: sister Mawlch Rose - agility video 1, running contacts, agility 2

:: niece Umi Alfa Fortuna - agility video, video 2,

:: nephew Uno Alfa Fortuna - agility video

:: brother Mawlch Rufusagility video, agility2, agility 3hearding,

:: half-brother Toffee vom Ettikogartenagility Graduation video, Agility Camp 2017, Agility - 21 měsíců,

:: half-sister Why Not Chai from My Queen - agility Norvegian Open 2016,

:: half-sister Why Not Lexi from My Queen - agility,

:: half-sister Why Not Issi from My Queen - agility - 3 years, hearding - Open Trial 2016, Agility, agility Přerov 2017,

:: half-sister Why Not Neiti from My Queen - agility Kladno.

:: half-brother Why Not Zet from My Queen - agility 2 years,

:: half-brother Why Not Hash from My Queen - agility 17 months, agility - 2 years, agility Kladno 2017,

:: half-sister Once Again Liv My Queen - Agility Mending 2017,

:: half-sister Once Again Riu My Queen:  agility - 2 roky,

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